Men in love painted their pregnant wives' tummies.

Future parents made a crazy show in the Central Mall of Veliko Tarnovo. Future daddies looked back on their childhood when drawing with water-colours on the white sheet of paper. They now created a whole fairy-tail of flowers, suns, kitties, kids, lanes, sky and many other perky figures over the mammies’ tummies. This event was actually part of a contest under the motto” The most expressive painting by daddy over mammy’s tummy”. Тhe role of an artist was gladly accepted by the future fathers. As for the mammies, they proudly stuck out their bellies and expected with a smile the creation of their beloved. Twenty couples took part in the contest. They had to make their best paintings for the term of twenty minutes.
One of the two extraordinary prizes was awarded to Mariola Komitova from the village of Draganovo, near Gorna Oriahovitza for her message” The world is inside me”. The young mother, who is expecting her first child, succeeded most accurate to re-create through words the emotions of the whole family about the new life who is coming.
A special jury determined the three “Most expressive paintings by daddy over mammy’s tummy”. The first prize was awarded to Georgi Uzunov and Maria Basheva from Veliko Tarnovo. The painting over the mammy’s tummy depicted a bonbon in which hand-in-hand were standing the parents and their child. The motto”Made with love” expressed in the most vivid way the emotions of the young parents. The second award went to Svetla Kuntcheva i Ivelin Lambrinov also from Veliko Tarnovo. They expressed their feelings through a baby-angel, who had hugged a big heart. Third prize went to their fellow-citizents Daniela Dimitrova and Tzvetan Achev for their creation “Daddy’s little kitten”.