Yantra's defile

Yantra’s defile
The narrow Yantra’s defile, the brightly coloured view, the stony bridge above the river and the region around Samovodene belong to Tzarevgrad Tarnovo. Surrounded by walnut and mulberry trees Samovodene looked like a huge defender to the religious mysturies which the picturesque monastery valley hided for sure. Before 1000 years the role of secret’s keeper felt on the countless Justinian’s fortresses.
Near Samovodene at the Middle Stara Planina region in stealthy forests in the coutryside on the both sides of Yantra are raising two majestic monasteries. Bulgarian Cristianity knows and respects Holy Trinity (Sveta Troitza) and The Transfiguration(Preobrazhenski). Both are kept in high honour because nature and monks have done everything possible to envelop them in mistury. Far away from the noise of secular life, leaning on a 80 metres high rock, which caves are inaccessible any light; on the right river bank of Yantra raises impressively the monastery Holy Trinity. Very picturesque with shining domes and towers it often seduced the passengers. Myth and tradition, illusion and superstition haunted around the monastery.
Calcareous wall and a broad-leaved wood hided the silhouthe of the other monastery - The Transfiguration which was a woman one, envolved in secrets too...There were thousands worshippers who made a pilgrimage there.
Keep on walking through the valley reveals the landscape of the high hills of Tarnovo. Veliko Tarnovo disposed of a lots of inns. They weren’t luxurious but offered good cover and calmness for the travellers.
The position of Tarnovo is really impressing. Since ancient times people described it as very romantic and incredibly situated town. Seeng from one place the whole town is unfortunately impossible.