The monument of Mother Bulgaria

The Monument of the Perished in the Wars (The monument of Mother Bulgaria)
In the center of the town, just between the Town Council and the Military Club, there is a small park - a place for the Monument of the Perished in the Wars: The Russian- Turkish in 1877-78, the Serbian -Bulgarian in 1885, the Balkan Wars during the period 1912-1913 and the First World War from 1915 to 1918. The monument is better known as "Mother Bulgaria" and has on its top a figure of a woman with a crown on her head - a personification of Bulgaria. In her right hand she holds a bent-down war-flag, and in her left - a laurel branch. Scenes from the wars are depicted on the two plinths. At the foundation of the monuments a constant fire is being kept, symbolizing the honor and gratitude that the people of Veliko Tarnovo pay to the dead warriors.