The Renaissance and the Constituent Assembly Museum

To the southwest of the Tsarevets Hill and in the immediate proximity of the Archaeological Museum is situated the museum "The Renaissance and the Constituent Assembly". Photos, original documents and materials, and veritable furnishings vouch for the history of the Veliko Tarnovo region during the period of the 15th to the 19th centuries. The museum stores some of the best pieces of the art of icon painting - several of them are genuine masterpieces of the Orthodox Christian inheritance. On the last floor is the restored hall, where, in 1879, the Constituent Assembly was in session, during which the First Bulgarian Constitution was proclaimed. That is the place, where the first Prince of independent Bulgaria - Alexander Batenberg - was chosen; and here, too, in 1885 was taken the decision for the annexation of Eastern Roumeliya to the Kingdom of Bulgaria. The extremely unique in its exterior and interior design building is yet another piece of work of the eminent Renaissance master Kolyo Ficheto, whose monument rises in the park in front of the central entrance. During the second half of the 19th century master Kolyo Ficheto had built still another buildings in Tarnovo: the Saint Constantine and Helena Church, the Hadji Nikoli Tavern, the House with the Monkey, and many others.