The Konstantzaliev's house

It's situated opposite the Kokon fountain. It's one of the biggest and most decorated house in Arbanassi. The Konstantzaliev's house was built in 17th c. being a number of times reconstructed later on. It is a two-floor house. Of extreme interest are the specific architecture, the preserved rooms with its decoration and woodcarving. The vessels, the fabrics, the furniture are functional and beautiful. There is a charm in the cobbled paths in the courtyard, the shadows of the trees, the flowerpots on the windowsills, the silhouette of the well shouldered by the high stone walls.
Every detail, even the tiniest one from the arrangement and the interior, points out the high culture, good taste and wealth of the owners that furnished and enlivened this house. The talented spirit and the skillful hands of the masters have turned the ordinary house into a small masterpiece of the unique Arbanassi culture of that time.