The Hadjiiliev's house

The house is probably being built in the end of XVII or in the beginning of XVIII century. Situated in a wide yard and surrounded by high wall - part of it still can be seen… In the yard there is a well, a big vegetable garden, flower-bed and orchard. It is evidence that the house is property of rich merchant.
The Hadjiiliev’s house is built by stone only in the ground floor where are situated the basements, the stable and the hiding place. There are other hiding places in the house - for example a little one destined for money and jewelry. The walls in the ground floor are very thick and strong.
The floor is representative of the Arbanassian house. Magnificent front entrance and wide staircase lead upstairs in the drawing room (“haet”). It is richly decorated with ornaments forming geometrical figures; the ceiling is adorned too; the cupboard is being made with ornaments of stylize tulip; around the cupboard and the ceiling there are friezes made by kaolin. Dark corridor leads to the kitchen equipped with big fireplace. The windows were made with embossed shutters.