The Ethnographic museum Etar

The Ethnographic museum “Etar” is the first open - air museum of this kind in Bulgaria. It was established in September 7th, 1964. The museum is situated 8 km south of the town of Gabrovo. It is very attractive tourist object, one of the most visited in the country.
“Etar” gives an idea of the architecture, lifestyle and economic past of Gabrovo region during the National Revival. Visitors can see workshops built in the style of the 18th and 19th centuries. The 2-floor houses are exact copies of the old masters' ones - with workshops on the ground floor and living rooms on the second floor. There are workshops for sandals, a furriThe Ethnographic museum Etarery, a coppersmithery, cow-bells workshop, pottery making workshop, workshop for silverware and woodcarving, for producing carts, national folk instruments, a cutlery, bakery and confectionery with a coffee shop, as well as a rich collection of medicinal plants and herbs.
The most characteristic feature of the museum-park is that everything in it lives, functions and “breathes”. Visitors can watch the process of making the articles with their own eyes.
Houses painted snow-white with vines coiled around the balconies, and eaves with stone slabs; open shutters; the whisper of a creek; the shouts of children playing around ... this is not a fairy tale. It is a world of the past recreated in the ethnographic museum “Tara”.
Do you want to feel the whiff of the past, to see the miraculous power of the water, flowing in a chute, to enjoy the Renaissance architecture, to observe ancient national customs, then visit the Ethnographical Open Air museum "Etar”.