The Atanas Kandilarov's house

Next to the Konstantzaliev’s house is the Kandilarov’s house. It probably dates from the beginning of XVIII century and it is the biggest and most fretted house in Arbanassi. Its owner was Hadji Dimitar. That house is built on the street - there are no bay-windows, neither veranda. It’s visible the defended disposition of the ground floor built completely by stone. A stone wall surrounds the vast yard. There stood the cisterns for water.
It’s a two-floor house: the ground floor is built by thick straight stone walls. It is composed of room for the guard, room for the servants, basement, storehouse, stable, hiding place, “black” and main staircase. The main entrance is protected with strong studded door.
The floor is ramshackle. The premises are grouped in: official rooms, bedrooms and offices. The official rooms consist of drawing room (“haet”), living room (“odaya”), and dining room. In the most sheltered room on the floor there is a special room meant for women in child-birth. The offices - kitchen, larder, oven, wash-basin, water-closet, etc. - all premises have strictly determinate function.
The splendid house’s decoration shows the creative qualities of the Bulgarian master.