Nicopolis ad Istrum

Nicopolis ad Istrum
remains of an ancient roman town
Nikopolis ad Istrum is a Roman and an early Byzantian town founded in 101-106 AD by the Roman emperor Trajan to honor the victories over the Daci tribes, which lived in the lands of today’s Romania. The ruins of that town are situated near the village of Nikup.
The town is situated on a hill descending steeply to the South towards the banks of river Rossitsa. The first excavations were made at the beginning of the 20th century. The finds that came to the surface were parts of the fortified system with its gates and towers, the street network, the water supply and the sewerage system, public and residential buildingNicopolis ad Istrums. 
The visitor can walk the main streets - Cardo maximus (directed North-South) and Decumanus maximus (East-West), walk the stairs of the town square  (The Forum), see richly ornamented architectural details. You just can not miss the building of the Bulevterion (City Council), the Odeon (music theatre) and the Forum with the limestone pedestals for the statues of the emperors and notable citizens. In a small lapidarium are stored exhibits of tombstone architecture. The most interesting findings of Nicopolis ad Istrum you can see visiting the Archaeological Museum in Veliko Tarnovo.
                Nicopolis-ad-Istrum is situated about 20 km to the north of Veliko Tarnovo, along the route to Rousse and 3 km distance from the village of Nikyup; the deviation is after the exit from the village of Polikraishte, to the left.