Itinerary Through Ksilifor

The village Sheremetya – Ksilifor – A Little Lako – Arbanasi
Length 6300m and time for passing: two hours and thirty minutes

In the beginning the path starts on asphalt-paved, goes over The Nursery-garden and enters in it like stairs with parapet on white-yellow-white marking. In the down part of The Nursery-garden the marking is white-blue-white again.
The itinerary pass by the countryside Ksilifor and the chalet of the same name where it’s possible to make a momentary repose or continue with the challenges and the road goes away on a step slope above the chalet toward Arbanasi It continues on a scenic  which  enters in a wood and then comes out in open country with landscape toward Tsarevets – formed of platform with two seats, table and a fireplace. The path gives an opportunity of the tourists to enjoy of the landscape toward Tsarevets, the town of Veliko Tarnovo and Old Mountain.
After the meadow the path enters in a place well-wooded and continues to the left around 300m on the itinerary. A diversion follows to the right on a little wooden bridge and after around 100m it arrives to a fountain on the wall near it are laded a table, a corner bench and a fireplace.
Around 150m from the fountain in the countryside A Little Lako are made a horizontal scarp and stone steps to get over the stream. Near the stream are fit a table with two benches which are enclosed with stones. From the fountain to Arbanasi it’s possible to walk on abrupt rock and it’s installed metal parapet long 5m.
The path starts through open countryside and comes out to the south-eastern part of the villages.