First debut exhibition of the icon-painter Tanya Peneva

Fourteen icons with different subject-matters presented in her debut exhibition the icon-painter Tanya Peneva. The exposition was opened yesterday in the day of St. John the Baptist in the lobby of the Regional Public Library “Petko Rachev Slaveikov”  in Veliko Tarnovo.
Some of the icons are formed as home altars and reveal the talent of the young icon-painter in the area of wood-carving as well.
The exhibition also includes photos of frescoes, painted by the young creator in few chapels in Bourgas.
For one year now Tanya has a master degree in iconography issued by The Orthodox Faculty of Theology from the University of Veliko Tarnovo. However, she devoted to the icons as a student in her birthtown Bourgas. Among the saints she prefers painting St. Nikolay Mirlikiiski, because he is the protector of the sea and the sailors.
“In every icon I create I leave part of myself. I follow the canons in the iconography but, however, I aim to show my unique author style. In my paintings I combine the old tradition with my internal feeling. I strive whoever gets in touch with my icons to feel God’s graciousness.”, shares the young author for her art.
Tanya Peneva is author of over 60 icons. Even as a student she took part in the paining of the temple in the village Izvora, near Bourgas and in the chapel in the mud-curing centre in Pomorie. She is also the creator of 6 altar paintings for the newly built church in Polski Izvor village, in the region of Bourgas.
She make authors Icons and Wall painting

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