Hristo Popov - the knight of the Bulgarian brush
Hristo Popov was born in 1921 in Svishtov. His creative works started during his school-time when he organized his first exhibition. He manifested himself as a professional artist in the German newspaper “Haidelberg Tageblat”. He made illustrations of the tales of Brothers Grimm.
During 1953 as immigrant in Brasilia he made several caricatures devoted to the lives of the locals. With those caricatures he made an exhibition which reaped big success. Art reproductions of the caricatures were printed as post cards and provoked enormous interest - were sold more than 360 thousands of copies.
For the last 10 years he had made 14 one-man shows with themes like: “Sunny Bulgaria”, Rila Monastery, Old Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Melnik, Koprivshtitza, Tryavna, Etara - these are just a few of the places which had expired the artist. His art fascinates the viewers abroad and makes them lovers of our nature.
Hristo Popov made exhibitions in Brasilia, Portugal, Mexico, and Canada. In the United States he showed in Washington, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Saint Luis and Los Angeles.
In 2006 he made 2 exhibitions in Bulgaria. They were called “Brasilia in caricatures” and “Sunny Bulgaria” and were exposed in Sofia and Vidin.
The knight of the Bulgarian brush, as his friends call him, brings fame to Bulgaria with his art during the last decades.
Exhibition Halls “R.Mihailov”