Web design

Our team combines modern thinking with new technologies in order to create an effective, original and innovative online presentation of your company and products.
Its team unites talented and devoted professionals possessing skills in design, web development and programming, online marketing and promotion, system and network administration.
The company offers development of web applications, graphic design, web hosting and consulting services.


We integrate graphic design, back-end systems and content and create eye-catching sites that convey your message to the target audience in a clear and effective way.
We focus your goals and at the same time craft user experience in order to create sites that are easy to navigate and keep your visitors happy.
In the process of conceptual design we always keep in mind the project goals and mission and the result is a unique site that corresponds to your marketing strategy.
We also provide design services after a chosen web site template. In this way you have a chance of possessing a quality web site at a lower cost and in shorter time.

The old capital team is experienced in web design and development services. We provide complete solutions that respond to our clients' needs and help them improve the relationship with their partners and customers.

We specialize in building dynamic data-driven applications such as online catalogues, web directories; web design: graphic design, logo design, banner design, online interactivity, web advertisements.
We create efficient, useful and functional applications that are based on the right back-end systems to ensure consistency, compatibility and stability of your web site.

A web designer offers HTML and graphics services and designs visually focused web pages. The difference between web design and web development is that a developer usually has more back-end programming skills and a designer is more focused on the look and feel of a site. A good web designer will help you organize the information for your web site and develop navigation and layout.
Web designers usually charge based on experience, designers with less experience may save you money but more experience designers will almost always deliver a higher quality product. Before you choose a web designer you should review other web projects they have worked on, and contact past clients if possible. Some designers charge per project, some per page and some per hour. Make sure you have defined the requirements for your web project and both of you have an understanding in writing of what is expected.