Tsarevets Architectural and Museum Reserve

The Tsarevets ( Tzarevetz ) hill is the most famous historical attraction in Veliko Tarnovo. It was the main fortress of the medieval Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo that during the 12-th - 14-th centuries achieved the fame of "The second Constantinople" and the "Third Rome" was one of the largest in the European Southeast.
The archaeological excavations carried out at Tsarevets enabled the scholars to investigate in detail the two architectural complexes - the Royal Palace and the Patriarchate. During the archaeological excavations were discovered also the foundations of more than 370 dwellings, shops and workshops, many churches and 4 monastery complexes.
Now reconstructed are the foundations of the buildings and the northern façade of the Royal Palace.
The Patriarchal Church was also reconstructed in 1981 in honor of the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian State. Today the church is a memorial church in which by means of modern monumental art is traced the progress of the political and cultural development of the Medieval Bulgaria.