Tranovgrad (Tarnovgrad)

Once upon a time wide woods spread in lowlands and high mountains among the old Danube and Aegea. That time the richness wasn’t manifesting through high and beauty houses, neither by cornfield….The richness were manifested by numerous herds of oxen, horses, sheep, goats, swine, etc.
Then was living one very healthy tsar with his big family. He was very healthy because the owned countless herds. He was leading a care-free life when his best sow disappeared. Then he threatened to his swineherd:
- If you don’t find my sow in three days I will decapitate you!
Frightened the poor servant shouldered small bag with some bread inside and set off. The servant was circling round when saw a deep river and decided to walk near the river valley. Finally he found the sow with 6 little pigs. The servant herded on the pigs and took them to his tsar. The master was amazed by that godsend and the description of the river valley. The tsar was very interested by the valley, went there and looked it over. It was strengthened by itself and the tsar transformed it into his settlement. It was called Tranov-grad. In honor of the sow the tsar ordered to be made coins with it image.