The Festival of the Plum and the Plum Rakia (strong local brandy) is traditional for the area of Troyan. Jolly contests, tasting and demonstrations of Rakia preparation accompany it.

Mid - July is the time when the annual National Fair of Traditional Crafts takes place in the village of Oreshak. Every lover of beauty can take away from here a fine memory of the skillful hands and artistic taste of Balkan people.
In July and August, Troyan celebrates the International Ceramics Event, "Art-Ceramics of Troyan", and in October - the Days of Culture.
Hundreds of people come to celebrate the church holiday of the Troyan Monastery on August 15 and join the procession lead by the miraculous icon of Sveta Bogoroditsa Troeruchitsa. At the end of August, the locality of Beklemeto is enlivened by the beautiful sounds and rhythms of the traditional Folklore Festival.