The most attractive characterizations of our country are in the respective number: the kitchen, the personal safety, the pleasantness of Bulgarians and the conditions of the hotels – that is indicated in an inquiry leaded by The State Agency Of Tourism among 3 thousand foreign citizens.
Simultaneously attractive are the advantageous prices indicate the answers of the health resorts in second place – the low level of learning foreign languages and amazing up to third place is the low level of courtesy of the serving staff.
The research gives a lot of information.
In spite of the expressed contrary opinions the most of the asked people want to return for a vacation in Bulgaria. The most categorical is the percentage of the citizens of Great Britain and the Balkan States – respectively 66 % and 55 %In similar direction the information indicates that 63 % of the asked people come for second tome in Bulgaria, Every 4th  person visits our country for 4th time which definitely could be characterize him like a constant visitor and it indicates well about the quality of our tourist product.
It’s interesting also that our capital is the most visited place by the tourists as predominate the business visiting. Follows the Black Sea health resorts in 3rd place are the regional towns of Varna and Burgas, The most popular places of spa-tourism are Velingrad and Bansko. It’s interesting also the sexual proportion of the foreigners visited Bulgaria – all of the heard geographical groups and countries are equal and a big exception makes Russia – 68 % of the visitors in our country are women.
The negative trend is the decrease of the average time for a stay which brings decrease of the average expenses of the foreigner tourists. While in 2001 one tourist was spending average 580 euro in our country, in 2004 this figures decrease to 370 euro, and this year reach to 320 euro.
For the shortest stay in our country were staying representatives of the Balkan States, and for the longest stay – these of the Scandinavian countries and Russia which usually come with ready package and air ticket with fixed date to return.
Our tourist product is considered for comparatively weakly representative abroad – 17 % of the asked people affirm that in their countries don’t have enough information about Bulgaria from recommendation of relatives and friends, and in second place recommendation of some tourist agency.
 Interesting answers are made by the asked people of the question where would you go except Bulgaria. The biggest rival is Spain. Others our rivals are Turkey and Greece.
Among the Russians for the most rival alternative of our country is Egypt.
The most people answered the inquiry are from the Balkan States – 26,4 %. In second place are the people form Eastern Europe and Russia (17,5 %), and I 3rd place are the Germans – 14,2 %. The correctness demands that the inquiry is replete by around 3 thousand people at 4 million foreigners visited our country. This from statistical point put the question how many is representative the quotation. Under question are put some of the positive characteristics of the native tourism, which the information reveals.