The cucumber and the beast

I`ll tell You a story about the power of the human spirit:
In a small town called Polski Trambesh was living a switchman - Strashil Kanchev Bogoyavlenski. He had 37 years lenght of service. In his place of work he was famous with his mild and hard-working temperament. But these qualities immediately disappeared when Bogoyavlenski finded a bottle of grape brandy and a plate with chunks of pickled cucumbers. Then Strashil at lightning speed threw the mask of good behaviour and became furious.
The good side was that the switchman rarely falled in that situation.His family, colleagues and friends were trying hard to keep him away from the spirits but sometimes  when that organization collapsed and the ghost from the bottle came out the situation was escalating...Then as if just from the apperiance of the brandy and cutted pickled cucumbers Strashil turned into a beast. He was drinking a lot. Afterwards he was looking for victims. Bogoyavlenski quickly selected opponents and started to shout and offend,and nearly every time he got into a fight with them.
All that was an ugly scene; after the conflicted night the hang-over was terrible and the switchman didn’t go to work for a week.
But things changed. One time after the serial scandal and fight the police temporary arrested him. After certain time in prison cell the citizen stood up in front of the Law-court. With the purpose to pacify him the magistrates decided to send Strashil in a special clinic where a group of psychologists and psychoanalysts had to transform “the alcoholic terrorist” into an exemplary citizen.
Bogoyavlenski was scared from drugs, bars, needles, strait jacket, electroshock. But in the clinic the doctors’ team received him with a smile. They put him in a week  regimen including good food, juices, walks in the park, massages and relaxing procedures. But that was just the beggining. After that one week relaxing came the real “treatment”. The entire procedure was called “working therapy”. The patient must have picked cucumbers 8 hours a day and pack them. At vintage time he must have gathered grapes. So for one season Strashil gathered over a ton of cucumbers and grapes. The result - Bogoyavlenski became disgusted with the brandy and the pickled cucumbers.
After the therapy he vacated his job and brought some land with vineyards and cucumbers’ greenhouses.
Now Strashil Kanchev Bogoyavlenski is one of the mass growers of brandy and pickled cucumbers...