The brewery of Boliarka elaborates new kind of beer

The company invested 3 million euro in new technology
New kind of special beer without an analogue will be put on the market until autumn by the brewery of “Boliarka”, said the director engineer Anton Nenov.
The new product is private production and is being made in absolute secrecy. “What will be the new beer know only three persons except me. We took strict security precautionsbecause of the competition. Weapprehend that someone could try to spy us and decide to steal our new idea.” commented Nenov. The expectations of the new product are big. The qualities and the name of the new beer will be announced just a few days before it spreading at the market. Director only confided to us that it’s all about boutique beerwhich must become a hit.
From the beginning of this year the company have invested 3 million euroin new technology. With the new installation the company aims to take additional commissions. The company is producing own brands of beer for three famous supermarkets. “Boliarka” makes the beer “Ambrosius” for Kaufland, “Nashensko” for Metro, and “Tsarsko” (“King’s”) for CBA.
“Boliarka” conquered the Romanian market. “Almost all south Romania “drinks” beer from Veliko Tarnovo. Every month we’re exporting 500 tons of beer which is over 10 % of our capacity. Our beer is more qualitative and cheaper than the Romanian ones, that’s why our clients like it!” explains Anton Nenov. Our northern neighbors like “Boliarka”, “King’s”, and “Kaltenberg”.
S. Marinov