The Sveta Troitza Monastery

The Sveta Troitza Monastery (Monastery of the Holy Trinity)
The monastery also known as Patriarch, Asen, or Shishman Monastery is located at 6 km from Veliko
Tarnovo, at the foot of beautiful and impressive cliffs, right off from the road Veliko Tarnovo-Russe.
The name of the monastery is connected with the literary work of the monk Evtimiy till he was chosen a Patriarch in 1375. Here he devoted himself to literary work. He established the famous literary school also known as the Tarnovo School. Roman monuments with writings from Nicopolis ad Istrum can be found in the altar and narthex of the church. The chapel under the front arcade reminds of buildings by
Kolyo Ficheto. The icons of the iconostasis were made by Zachari Zograph who also did the wall paintings in the church. During the earthquake in 1913 the church was ruined. The monastery renovated his modern look in 1927.
Visitors can reach the monastery via Samovodene or from Veliko Tarnovo on asphalt road.