The Railway Bridge

Nestling in the pretty nature of the old capital Veliko Tarnovo, as if hiding from human eyes, covered up from one side by the monumental building of the city art gallery and from the other side by Trapezitsa hill, one of the two railway bridges is proudly hanging over Yantra. It’s two ends covered by exuberant vegetation, the bridge seems to start from nowhere and leads to nowhere as if built only to be a triumphal arch over the river and inseparable part of the picturesque view of the old capital. This, of course is not true. As every other bridge this one has its purpose - to connect the railway between the two stations Gorna Oryahovitsa and Veliko Tirnovo. It is built in 1900 by two Italian specialists, masters of the modern European tendencies in bridge building and for over a century the heavy locomotives and trains are passing through it. It is already a little old and a little rusty but well managed by BDZ and capable to carry the heavy load for quite a long time.
The bridge is built of metal constructions, which give it an apparent flexibility helping for its endurance.
Also for the lovers of nature aesthetics and ancient architecture an incredible view is opening from the bridge, because right after it the railway passes by the hill Tsarevets - where the heart of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was.
So, along with the other monuments around it, the Railway bridge is one of the unique architectural achievements in our city.

Regional Public Library
“P. R. Slaveikov”