The Preobrazhenski monastery

The Transfiguration monastery is located 7 km from Veliko Tarnovo; the road to the monastery diverts left off the central highway Veliko Tarnovo – Russe. The monastery of God’s Transfiguration is one of the famous monasteries which beginning is hidden in the far medieval past. This monastery is the largest one in the region of Veliko Tarnovo and the most visited.
The name of the built up monastery in the years of the Ottoman slavery is not connected only with famous builThe Preobrazhenski monasteryders and masters from this age, but also with the struggle of the Bulgarian people for church independence, national enlightenment and political freedom. Vasil Levski, Angel Kanchev, the chieftain Philip Totiu, the revolutionaries Bacho Kiro, Stefan Stambolov, Georgi Izmirliev and others stayed here. Nowadays in the monastery we can see valuable icons by Stefan Dospevski, Zakhary Zograph, old printed books and many objects.
The composition “The Cycle of Life” (made by Zakhary Zograph) located on a big block on the south outer wall of the church has not lost its significance yet, reflecting the human life path, the beginning and the end.
The wood-carved iconostasis in this church made by masters from Triavna is of great interest. In this church you can see also the masterpiece by the Renaissance painter Stanislav Dospevski – the icon of St. Apostle Andrei.
Visiting the monastery you can not only enjoy the awesome paintings and architecture, but also the stunning view and peaceful nature there.