The Patriarchal Complex Of The Hill Tsarevets

The patriarchate is situated in the centre of the fortress Tsarevets. It inspires respect and regard among the Bulgarian people and the multiple visitors.
The patriarchate represents irregular polygon and it’s enclosed on all sides with high fortified walls reinforced with counter forts and towers. Two towers in north and south predominate over the whole fortress system. Above the principal entrance in the west there is a quadrangular tower. The western part where is the principal gateway is very impressive. On abrupt loading platform enclosed of the possible to enter in the inside yard of the patriarchate.
The most important and essential part of this architectural complex is the church ,,God’s Ascension” which is elevated in the middle of a little terrace. It’s a building which is free of all parts – only from the south part toward it are contiguous three different rooms. The room which is in the middle has quite thick wall for your size and that is why it’s called bell-tower. The cross of the church is being developed between the second and the third couple of pillars which form a square upon which is being elevated the cupola.
The inside yard of the patriarchate is divided in two parts partitioned off a stone wall.
In general the plan of the complex represents a little fortress where the buildings of official and residential character are arranged from the inside part of the fortress wall. Here except the church is situated a little chapel too where are made daily religious services.
At the building of the patriarchal complex are delineated two stages. The first is when a huge fire affected almost all of the buildings except the church. Then the complex was reconstructed. The second stage forms the patriarchate like a big architectural complex with solemn look.
The patriarchate doesn’t make an exception of the general architectural decorative style widespread in the old capital.