The Municipal Tourist Agency Tsarevgrad Tarnov offers new attractions and tourist products

New attractions for the incoming tourist season are being prepared by the Municipal Tourist Agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov”. One of them is a falling bridge at the first gate of the historical hill Tsarevets. The visitors will be able to take part in the festive ritual of opening and closing the fortress every morning and evening under the sounds of anthem of Veliko Tarnovo and animation with equestrian sentry. The manager of the agency says that the new acquisition will be run in in manual and mechanical version. Another idea, which will be realized, is the so-called medieval letter. It will be written on a real papyrus by a fortress’s calligrapher. For those who wish, there will be a chance to buy and take home such a certificate for visiting this tourist sight. Apart from the evening show, audio-visual performance “Sond And Light”, it is most likely in the next season the guests of the town to be able to order midnight walks in the fortress. The tours of the historical hill will be lasting an hour and a half. Among the other surprises for the tourists, which are already being offered, is also the play-acting of the most important moments in the Bulgarian history at the fortress’s gate by the professional actors dressed in as kings, princesses and sentry. A new eight minute presentation of the performace “Sound And Light” is recorded in 4 languages – Russian, English, German and French. It has been built a new VIP stage for the guests from where they will have the chance to watch in comfort luminous scene of faery and as well as to order catering. A spectacular panorama of the town can be seen from the Tsarevets patriarchal church whose lift has already started to work. One more unique attraction from the fortress Tsarevets are the tourist air-tours which will be carried out from the air company “Olympia Air” and they will be the first of this sort. The tourist will be able to see the sights of the town from four- and six-seated planes. The air-tour will last half an hour and will cost 100 levs per tourist.
Among the other attractions, which are offered by the Municipal Tourist Agency, is a handicraft lesson in the authentic workshops of the Samovodska charshiya in Veliko Tarnovo.
The guests will have the chance to prepare turkish syrup-soaked shredded sweet (qaddaif), coffee on sands or to make clay and copper dishes, or wood-carving. They praised that after mastering the craft, they will come back to their motherland to make a temple with icons and iconostasis just like the Bulgarian.
    The terminal for tourist information in front of the Tourist Agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov” in the town centre has started to work recently. The equipment offers information about the local hotels and restaurants, all kinds of tourist services, monuments of culture and also the whole cultural and sports timetable on a region and country level. Detailed maps of the town, Arbanassi, the region, a list of the transport and taxi companies, bus and train schedule and some other useful information. The most important offers are presented clearly and impressively and in details with pictures and text by using these information columns and boards. With an individual print-out and integrated telephone connection the reservations can be make immediately. It is expected webcameras to be installed in the future.
Apart from all these attractions and entertainments for the guests of the town, the region also suggests a lot of  possibilities for mountain cycling, horse riding near the village of Arbanassi, as well as a great number of routes on ecological paths. A delicious lunch with home-made food is also suggested in the village.
The rope-line projects are already ready and they are only waiting for realization. The project includes lifts which will connect the foot of the hill Trapezitsa with the old part of the town, and the foot of the Balduin tower in the fortress Tsarevets with the village of Arbanassi.  
These facilities will give the tourists more opportunities to enjoy the view of the natural beauties and historical sights.
    Welcome to Veliko Turnovo - the capital of the cultural tourism, inviting the team from “Tsarevgrad Turnov”.