The Holidays Of The Holy Apostles Peter And Pavel and The Dog-days

29 June is the Summer Holiday of St. Peter which is connected with the Holy apostles Peter and Pavel. As a tradition on this day people break their two-week fast with a votive offering of a chicken for the saint and a red early apple as a symbol for preserving the heavenly garden.
    Church-goers from the town of Lyaskovets, Gorna Oryahovitsa and the village of Arbanassi crowd at the monastery of Peter and Pavel which is situated 3 km far from Lyaskovets. On this day the residents of Veliko Tarnovo visit the church “St. st. Peter and Pavel”, which is located in the Assenov district and is one of the medieval monuments of the culture in the town. This day is a name-day for Peter, Petrana, Kamen. The persons celebrating their name-days prefer to go outside in the fresh air among the lime-trees to the near place Ksilifor. The wealthier and more intellectual families in the town invite their guests in the town garden or in the restaurant in front of the tourist hovel of the hill Tsarevets. Traditionally, during the summer months in the town garden the military brass carries out concerts – marches, musical medley from operettas and melody sonatas by famous composers. On this day donations are being made to the churches, to the children form the orphanages, to school refectories and poor townspeople.
    According to the traditional people's calendar the Day of St. Pavel is accepted as a separate holiday, celebrating on the next day – 30 June to protect from fre and thunder. People who celebrate this name-day are Pavel, Pavlina. On this day is strongly forbidden for people to work and to light a fire.