The House with the Monkey

  The House with the Monkey was built in 1848 for the merchant of Veliko Tarnovo, Nikola Koev. The national genius Kolyo Fitcheto has created a unique three-storied building. The house is remarkable for its free and merry outlook even in this narrow space. The house is uniquely designed from the inside. The roof is crowned with a glass dome that lets the light in, the oriels make the upper floors more spacious, and the round gallery connects them beneath the octagonal wood ceiling. Between the two windows above the shop Kolyo Fitcheto has engraved a plate with the name of the owner and a talisman of the house - a frowned hunchbacked little man, his hands on his knees. A local wit compared him with a monkey and thus the house was given its nickname - the House with the Monkey.The Antique Shop - Gallery arranged in the shop is in harmony with the style and spirit of the building.