Tsarevets, Sound and Light audiovisual show

The "Tsarevgrad Turnov – Sound and Light" ("Zvuk i svetlina") audio-visual show is an unique attraction. The programme was created by a team of Bulgarian and Czech specialists managed by Vulo Radev and Jaromir Hnick. The first ever release of the programme was in 1985, to commemorate 800 years since the rebellion of the brothers Asen and Peter. The show is organized by request and needs a group of 30 people,at minimum, in order to be run. The best place to watch it is the ”Tsar Ivan-Asen II” square in front of the Tsarevets Fortress.

Through the power of music and spectacular illumination, this programme aims to create an unforgettable and emotional image of the Tsarevets Hill and Castle treasuring up the history, grandeur and glory of the ancient capital city of Turnovgrad which has become synonymous with the Bulgarian spirit and national pride.

The music, which has been composed specially for the occasion, is a leading element helping to follow the historical events and describe their invisible images. The very first sounds will take you to an unreal world, far back into the centuries when these lands were inhabited by Thracians, Slavs and proto-Bulgarians. The music theme evokes thoughts about the creation of the Bulgarian State in 681, the struggles for its consolidation and the peaceful constructive labour of the freedom-loving Bulgarian people.

For reservations call +359 (62) 63-69-52.

for more informations  see oficial page on  www.velikoturnovo.info