Sokolski monastery

The Sokolski Monastery is situated at the distance of 4km from Etara and 12km southeast of the center of Gabrovo, at the foot of Stara planina Mountain, at the bank of Yantra river. It was established in 1832-1833 by archbishop Joseph of Sokolovo and hieromonk Agapi, who had built a small wooden church, destroyed a year later. Soon after on the same place the main church of the monastery was built with the financial aid of donors.
The residential parts of the monastery were consecutively erected between 1836 and the late l9th century. Of greatest interest is the guestroom with the gateway. The famous master Kolyo Ficheto made the monastery fountain with falcons chiseled out in the corners. The monastery also played active role in the struggles for national independence.
The place amazes the visitor with its beautiful architecture and charming garden, giving a great sensation of serenity and peace. The monastery offers accommodation.