Origins in the United States

     RE/MAX, the world's most successful real estate network, was founded by RE/MAX International chairman Dave Liniger in 1973 in Denver, Colorado. At that time, most salespeople were earning just 50% commission and office owners directly controlled every aspect of a salesperson's job. Agents were disillusioned and unmotivated. Most left the industry within two years.

    Liniger, a real estate agent himself, felt there had to be a better way, and decided to start putting his dreams of a fairer real estate system into practice. He drafted an innovative business plan that put people first and enabled both office owners and agents to succeed. He called his master plan RE/MAX, an acronym for real estate maximums. Liniger and his wife Gail, also a real estate agent, hoped to make a difference with their new company and its unique business structure. What they achieved was nothing short of a global revolution. Today, more than 120,000 agents work in RE/MAX, with more than 6,000 offices operating worldwide.


    In the United States, Dave and Gail Liniger are still at the helm of RE/MAX International. The company's growth has been unstoppable. RE/MAX International has recorded growth every single year for more than three decades. On average, RE/MAX adds at least one new office to its international network each day and around 10,000 Sales Associates each year. RE/MAX operates in more than 63 countries worldwide, with offices in the United States, Canada, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, the UK, the Middle East and the Pacific.

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