Manchester without United, again!

On the 19th march the Regional Court of Veliko Tarnovo left Marin Levidjov from Svishtov, who changed his name into Manchester, without United. The court for the third time refused to grant his application.  In his application Manchester Zdravkov Levidjov pleads for the change of his name from Manchester to Manchester United. The magistrates explained that a change in the name is accepted only at adoption, marriage or when the name is disgracing or deriding. The court believes that for the moment there are no important circumstances demanding it. That’s why we decided to tell you about the hardships of this famous and interesting case with the Bulgarian man, who for the last 9 years has brought 11 cases for the change of his name.
The idea of the name’s change arises in his teens. As time goes by this idea turns into a dream. And so - step by step. In 1999 - one of the strongest years of “Manchester” the moment came. The night of the European championship. “Exactly that night something broke in me”, tells the guy. “I was watching the match at one of my friends, and my favorite team was loosing the game. I was praying to God and to the destiny, and I swore if something happens in positive, I would go and make my dream come true. And so it happened. On the next day, already sober I realized what I had promised to myself and started doing it.” remembers Levidjov. In 2000 after appeal in front of the Court in Veliko Tarnovo he was given only the name Manchester. However, he still wanted United too as a surname. And so his worries began. He went to the Supreme Court in 2005 but unfortunately his plead was rejected again. So that’s how originated the idea to change his religion. Last summer he changed his religion from Catholic to Orthodox Christianity in England. There in a Bulgarian Orthodox Church without any problem Father Simeon made the Wholly Baptism. In his certificate of Baptism Levidjov was entered as Manchester United. In this way the Orthodox Church shows its respect to the right of each member to bring the name, chosen for one’s own.
Now the vigorous football fan is named by documents Manchester Zdravkov Levidjov United. However, he insists the name United to be added to his passport too. And he is going to law again. Manchester is considering the idea of sending letters to the Greek Orthodox Church and to the Russian Orthodox Church. He will turn to all the ambassadors in Bulgaria. “I will make a fuss of it” said Levidjov. He is defending himself without the help of a lawyer, relying on the International Convention for the human rights.
Otherwise in his daily round Manchester is a normal Bulgarian. He is interested in sport, especially football, but he is watching all kinds of sport. He is reading a lot of books, loves to watch nice movies and listens to rock and folklore music. And when there are football matches he loves drinking beer, a lot of beer-says smiling the guy from Svishtov and is quoting one of his favourite texts from a song of  the group “Ahat”  -“ I am only a human. Maybe a black sheep. But a human. I pray. People, help! Because they are going to cut me!”
A football fan.