London secrets - Part V

Rosomir Ganev Balkanski’s brain was so tortured as if it was dancing all night ruchenitsa (a Bulgarian folk dance) in his skull intentionally to be recorded in the Guinness world records book. This brain hyperactivity reduced him to some kind of numbness.
But dear reader, don’t worry! Actually that bad shape was just a posture... and he was just sleeping soundly...
Today we’re not going to talk about Mr. Balkanski, but about his faithful friend Jaroslav Shveik. Jaroslav was assumed very important mission - in the same night when Rosomir was sleeping as bear it winter sleep, The Shveik was searching for some open store to buy....alcohol! Well according to some of the Murfy’s laws there were no open stores during the middle of the night. Then Shveik’s noise suddenly “noticed” something. He was searching unsuccessfully for an hour when he found himself in front of some heavy oak door. Behind it he heard multitude of voices which were singing (or trying to sing...). The songs seemed known and Jaroslav knocked on the door. The voices became quite and lazy footsteps turned towards the door. Carried hard breathing and a hairy white hand with fleshy fingers pulled the window-curtain. One blue washy eye looked at the Czech inquisitive. A voice rang out like a thunder: “Кто стучит? Сука, Бляд!”. Jaroslav couldn’t become aware when a hand grabbed him and pulled him inside.
Jaroslav realized that he failed in a meeting of drunk citizens of the ex USSR. They received him with interest. Even those who were sleeping arised like zombies. As long as Jaroslav was trying to become aware somebody stick a glass in his hand. In the next moment someone fill it and he heard: “Drink!”.
Jaroslav the Shveik drank. He reiterated… After the fifth empty glass he started to sing. There were dances, too. The Czech made enormous efforts to dance some kind of “ kazatchok”(a lively Cossack dance), and even tried to show to his new friends Bulgarian Ruchenitza (folk dance)…
The Russians liked Jaroslav. But the time was running and the Czech must go. With excuse that he has “Man in death-bed” he leaved. But at parting his new friends gave him two big bags with rye vodka, bread and aubergine paste.
Jaroslav went home by unbelievable efforts. He unlocked the entrance of his logging and put down his “gifts”. He was listening carefully to catch some life signs – but there weren’t such.
He closed the door and intuitively turned his steps towards his bed when out of nowhere something tripped him up. It was something capacious and wooden. The Shveik crashed down. Lying he realized two things: there no one who could hear him and he was so tired that as it is probably it’s better to sleep on the floor.
He caught some rug and wrapped up with it….
To be continued….