Legend of Khan Asparuh

Asparuh is the third son of khan Kubrat. The name of Asparuh is mentioned for the first time in occasion of the events around the death of khan Kubrat (around 660) and the disintegration of ,, Old Great Bulgaria’. The Byzantine historian wrote the words of advice which the old khan directed toward his sons: ,,They don’t have to separate each other under any circumstances and live together to control everywhere and not to be slaves to an other nation”. Only after three years the advice was forgotten and the sons of Kubrat took different directions.
Stepping back under the hits of the tribe hazari Asparuh pass the rivers Dnepar and Dnestar and he settled in conjunction with the tribe onogunduri in Onglos – a wide countryside. During the spring of 680 Konstantin IV gathered a big army and order ,,all of the Byzantine detachments to pass in Trakia”. The hit on earth was in combination with the actions of Byzantine fleet which carried the imperial cavalry at the Ongal. The circumstance that personally the emperor was at the head of the campaign talks about the danger which represents  Bulgarians and the importance of the fighting actions.
In this battle Asparuh caused a defeat of Byzantines. After the departure Konstantin IV called his army to give last battle of Bulgarians. The result was that Byzantine army run away and endure a defeat. Bulgarians pursued their opponents and hurt them with your swords. Afterwards they passed the Danube settled in the territory of Dobrudja and made contractual relationships with the tribe of Slavs in Mizia. Between both nations in 680 was made the Bulgarian country.
During the spring of 681 Bulgarians and Slavs renovated the attack against Byzantines in Trakia. Konstantin IV didn’t make to oppose them and was agree to pay them an annual tax.
The peace agreement was made during the summer of 681 in August. At that time Byzantium for the first time recognized the origin of a new country