Home Services

Our company offers a variety of services. We offer a first-class professional services and use quality and reliable equipment. We collaborate with one of the best companies for home services as:
- Preventative disinfection in establishments related to Food, Wine and Tobacco Industries, public buildings, flats, offices; in order to eradicate insects, rodents and other pests; subscription contracts;
- Unblock sewerage, septic tanks and cesspits and make plumbing repairs;
- Plumbing;
- Transport;
- Parquet;
- Moving;
- Housemaids;
- Disinfection;
- Electric wiring;
- Air conditioning;
- Wood cutting;
- Aluminum framing;
- Painting;
- Plasterboard;
- Repair of harvester;
- Job offers;
- Pools and spa.
If you need some of these services please contact us at our e-mail address: info@theoldcapital.eu - and we will help you immediately!