Elite winery in Tserova Koria will export for Europe

Winery with capacity of 500-600 liters yearly will be constructed in the village Tserova Koria near Veliko Tarnovo. The winery will meet the needs of the home and foreign market. The investment amounts to BGN 3 billion, BGN 1 200 000 of which are wined by the program SAPARD.
The sorts in the winery will differ - from cabernet sauvignon and merlo to pinot noir, shardone and traminer. The biggest vineyard in the region of Veliko Tarnovo is situated at a surface of1060 decare on the land of Tserova Koria and provides the living of 50-60 men, boast the owners. The seeding material - 420 000 vines is delivered by „Huber and Krap” nursery in Germany. For the construction of the huge massive were used 110 000 spikes and 120 tones of galvanized wire. Also one should pass 410 km from the first to the last row in order to make a round of the whole vineyard, states the main agronomist Petko Petkov.
The first yield expected this year is 350 tones of grape and in the future are expected 600-700 kg per decare. The highly qualified wine will be exported to Hungary, Check republic, Slovakia, Slovene, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia through “CBA International”.
During the archeological excavations in the region of Veliko Tarnovo seals of amphora were found which shows that still in the 5th century B.C. the Thracians had produced wine. The aristocracy on the other hand imported the divine drink from Greece.