Cross from two centuries ago protects the residents from the town of Pavlikeni against evil

Hadji Petko Barenski has brought it from Jerusalem in 1805

Two hundred years ago a Bulgarian from the village of Bara (near Pavlikni) went abroad to visit the Holy Land. His name was Petko Barevski and he was a rich man. He came across many risks and difficulties during his journey to Jerusalem in 1805, but it also turned out a big advanture for him. He reached there, paid his respect to the Holy Sepulchre and came back home with a throne cross on which were drawn pictures with the Jesus’s crucifix, Konsantin and Elena, martyrs and saits. The cross was made of boxwood and incrusted with nacre. Its length was about 50 centimetres.
By this time the residents of the village had not been built a church yet, but on holidays they used to put the cross in a visible place. In this way, despite the lack of temple,, people had the opportunity to pray. Later the ambitious inhabitants constructed a church and  called it St Dimitar. They venerated it, the revolutionaries of the April rebellion sweared to it. Then bad times came for the village. It was flooded by the dam lake “Alexander Stamboliiski”, the church was distroyed too. Busy with the evacuation, the preasts managed to take out only the church plate and the icons, but the cross of God fell down and sank deep in the water.
In 2004, exactly on the church holiday, called the Day Of The Cross, fishermen pulled out in their nets pieces of this holy gift. So, in bulk three craftsmen from the town of Pavlikeni - Marin Petrov, iconographer, Zdravko Krastev, wood-carver and the jeweller Konstantin Kostov - took up the assignment to restore the cross over the walnut base. Piece by piece they put it together. On it there was a place for small cup and spoon for feeding the deceased.
Today the sacred thing is placed in the church called “Birth Of The Holy Virgin”. With this cross, which has contained the people’s prayers for ages, father Georgi blesses the faithful and the laymen. The jeweller Konstantin makes pendants from the small pieces of the old base of the cross. The head of the Cultual Department of the municipal Gancho Alexandrov gives them as a present to the guests and friends of the town to protect them against misfortune, curses and bad words. “Every person needs to believe in something. There is nothing better than this the past over the centuries to come to you” says Alexandrov.