Christmas Eve and Christmas

Christmas is one of the greatest Christian feasts. With Christmas comes the Saver who promised to restore the broken relationship between the God and the man because of the fall of Adam and Eve.
The Christ – God’s son is brought into the world like a normal child in a normal family. The woman who was selected for His mother Maria and her husband Josef had to return in their native town Vitleem for the counting of the nation. The small town was overfilled and in the inns there aren’t rooms. The pregnant woman already had violent birth-pains. A stock-breeder took pity on them and gave them a shelter in the cave where he was keeping his cattle. And so the Saver was born in a cattle-shed. Instead in cot they put him in the crib, where the cattle eat hay.
The first who greeted Jesus with His coming in this world were some shepherds who were grazing their herd. An angel told them the glad new with the following words: ,,Don’t be scared, because I announce you a big gladness which will be glad for all the people. Because today in David’s town was born the Saver who is Christ, God. That will be the sign: you will find a new born child swaddled and lying in crib”.
After them came wise men from east leaded by predictions and the Vitleem’s guiding star .At first they were looking for the baby in the palace of the king Irod in Jerusalem but the priests directed them toward Vitleem. There the wise men made a bow to the God’s son and made Him a king’s present: gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Christmas Eve is the last day of the Lent. Then the whole family sits down to the table. This is the unique feeding during the whole day. Everybody sit down to the table when the first star rises usually around 18-19 o’clock. All the dishes are put on the table at once to be excluded the standing up of somebody. Yule-log in the fireplace is being kindled and the householder censes the table with frankincense. The number of the dishes have to be unread – seven, nine or eleven. The supper begins with the ritual bread called consecrated bread or God’s bread. His form is round and on it there is a decoration of dough – a cross, a circle, a sun or stylizes flowers and birds. In the bread have to be put a silver coin and who gets it will be the lucky during the year. The first piece of the bread is for the Virgin Mary, and the spinsters who want to know who is going marry them they put a piece of bread under your pillow to dream your future husband. After that comes the boiled wheat, the soup of ripe beans without fat, the filled peppers, the tinsels – vine or cabbage, the leeks pastry or acid cabbage, pumpkin-pastry. Instead water the family drinks dried fruits compote. On the table it’s good to be some honey, walnuts, garlic and fruits.
All stand up together from the table to form ears good wheat. At midnight starts the waits that have to go about the houses. The waits sing songs with the wish of family happiness and prosperity. The people give those Christmas ring-shaped buns, money, meat, flour, wine, bacon, beans, etc.
Christmas finish with common supper of the participants in the ritual.