Arbanasi after the Tarnovo's kingdom fell to the Turks

The time of glory for the kingdom was over when, coming from south, the Turks overrode the Bulgarian land, leaving blood, anguish and disgrace behind. The Turkish troops laid siege to the capital of Tarnovo but the fortress stood impregnable and its defenders were prepared to fight for it to the last man. However, a non-Bulgarian turned traitor and opened the fortress gates. The sultan picked out his best soldiers to enter the kings’ city. They were led by one of his most trusted men - a good warrior, young and strong, brave and very cruel.
The last desperate fight for Tsarevets started. The brave defenders of the fortress fell one by one, the sultan’s chosen man turned up at any point of engagement and much Bulgarian blood was shed. The Sultan Bayazit had singled out his man with foresight - his heart was as hard as stone. He was not seduced by the fortunes of the royal court, nor did he flinch before the wails of the women and children.  When the fortress fell and the bloody fight was over, the sultan did not forget his trusted man and sent for him. He was very pleased and he was straightforward: “You rendered great service to me, you deserve a great reward! Name anything you want and it will be yours!” The warrior did not think long: “ I want Arbanasi,” he said, “with all its riches!” It was granted him….
 The Turks headed for the boyars’ village looking forward to the enormous loot awaiting them. But fortune had decided differently. When they entered the village, it looked utterly deserted. The houses were empty - there was no sign of the boyars or their servants. The cowsheds and sheepfolds were empty, and the stables once filled with prime horses and coaches were empty, too. There was no gold, silver, precious stones or weapons. All the riches of Arbanasi had disappeared.
 The Turks were flabbergasted; they searched in vain the village, went round the rocks and roads, and searched the hills and the forests around. They did not find a single coin! The sultan’s trusted man went away to be heard of again. He was a brave warrior, but God condemned him to oblivion for the evil he had caused to the Bulgarians…
 In the meantime, a rumour spread that the royal and boyar fortunes were carried to the underground hiding-places, that somewhere near the old public fountain there was a large tunnel which led deep into the Balkan Mountains and even before the Turks came, the money and all valuables were hidden there. Hearsay told that the tunnel had other entrances accessible from various places in the mountains.