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Address Real Estate is part of AG Capital  a holding company investing in businesses related to real estate. The holding is a major shareholder in companies that provide:

  • Brokerage and advisory services for residential and commercial properties.
  • Fiancial services related to real estate - credit brokerage, appraisals
  • Asset management services in real estate

Most of these companies rank among the top three in their respective business segment.

A 13 year history in retailing and real estate.
Address Real Estate, established in 1993. A pioneer in the Bulgarian real estate business Address took the leading position on the market. Starting from the sea capital Varna, today the company has more than 60 offices all over Bulgaria. In just a few years Address has evolved into a major Bulgarian real estate company.
Due to the rapid development of the Bulgarian real estate market, Address improved its business practices and cultivated a wide network of local connections and knowledge. During this period its portfolio grew from about 1000 up to 100 000 property offers overall.

Starting from the seaside at the beginning, the company quickly focused the market needs in other major Bulgarian cities and settled its headquarters in Sofia. The next step was opening offices in Plovdiv, Veliko Turnovo, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Sliven and many more.

Closer Collaboration and Price Consciousness.

Address cherishes the close collaboration between buyers, sellers and real estate company. Address aims to find the optimal solutions for its clients. Brokerage and consultancy, property valuation and profit analyses - we take complete responsibility for your property sale or purchase.
We are getting the best price for your property through various solutions. We make a profound market analysis - how much comparable homes are selling for now, how many competitive homes are on the market now, how the pricing trends for the local market looks for the future.

Local Intelligence
The company focuses on the local knowledge of the property market and real estate trends. Each of our offices is independent to develop its own business plans and to focus on the area. Now, international investors are looking for real estate partners with local knowledge and experience

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Manager: Pepa Stoinova